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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Radioactivity in the trees – Fukushima forests found to be radioactive  9 Mar 2013

Two years after the triple calamities of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster ravaged Japan’s northeastern Pacific coast, forests that cover 70 percent of the Fukushima Prefecture have been found to contain high concentrations of radioactive cesium.

With traces revealed not only in the fallen leaves and soil, but in the trees themselves, the findings suggest that radiation has permanently found its way into the ecosystem.

The government has been already spending billions of dollars in decontaminating various towns in Fukushima, but the forests continue to emit radioactivity, putting the residents at risk. Scientists suggest cutting down the trees as soon as possible because the cesium will gradually be transferred to the earth itself.

Decontamination is a fallacy, as real decontamination is fully impossible. A Japan's Government false promise made just to appease all the people living on those contaminated lands, to keep them hoping and not leaving. Those lies are quite criminal actually because it means publicly denying that a sanitary time-bomb exists from which many will slowly become hurt.

That decontamination comedyplay is huge money wasted in vain whereas such money could be put to more vital use, such as informing the citizens properly of the existing dangers, teaching them the needed safety measures, and implementing the necessary evacuations and resettlements.

And it is  aggravating also the dangers of contamination, by piling up anywhere waste and by moving those unwanted waste here and there and everywhere  and thus scattering the radiation wider and deeper with consequently added risks to the population.

Many residents are now suing TEPCO, the nuclear plant’s operator, for the impact the disaster has had on surrounding communities. It is estimated the power company will pay some about $400bn in cleanup costs and compensation. Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao reports from Fukushima.

Japanese Govt, today finally realizing the quagmire they are in, are now backtracking, but at the same unwilling to admit their own past lies and falses promises to the affected endangered population.

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