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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kardashian and the reason most people know so little about the true crisis of Fukshima

Thanks to the wonders of the real-time social media age, celebrity watchers the world over have been able to enjoy every second of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy in excruciating detail. From her obvious disdain for her pregnant body to her sudden enthusiasm for eating her own placenta to maintain her youthfulness, it’s all been put out for the world to see.

But this article isn’t as much about Kim K, as it is the blatant disregard for the health of her baby. Not only on the part of Kim and her family, but even her own now-famous obstetrician that has appeared several times on her reality show.

The amount of flying she did while pregnant has been glaringly obvious to the radiation researcher. All this flying didn’t even register as a blip with her clueless doctor as we now know, from yesterday’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians: Season 8“. Instead, he just stroked her ego and managed his TV presence, while he should have been concerned with the health of her child in light of a severe stomach infection which occurred during a transatlantic flight, one of many Kim made during her much-publicized pregnancy.

The latest word on the Kardashian/West baby is that it was delivered 5 weeks prematurely and severely underweight, following the discovery of another massive infection with Kim and was placed in neonatal intensive care.

Despite hundreds of tweets and updates from the family since the birth, the only information being shared is that “It’s a girl” and “It’s a miracle”. Even Larry Hackett, Managing Editor of People Magazine exclaimed somewhat disappointedly during Good Morning America, “It’s been strangely quiet on Planet K”.

Premature birth is nothing new, especially since the meltdowns of 3 nuclear reactors in Japan, in March of 2011. Three nuclear meltdowns that is, which have never been contained. In fact, a peer-reviewed scientific study showed that miscarriages and premature births skyrocketed in the months after 3/11. So did maternal deaths, where both the mother and baby die unexpectedly.

Mainstream media, eager to push the Angelina Jolie elective mastectomy and Kardashian’s weight gain, has neglected this study as well as a more recent one, showing infants on the west coast of North America have suffered negative health effects since the Fukushima meltdowns as well. Considering the companies that own the mainstream media also make nuclear reactors, that really comes as no surprise.

But what is a surprise is a huge radioactive fallout cloud, called a “plume” has circled the earth every 40 days since the beginning of the accident. This was reported from yet another peer-reviewed scientific study, this time out of Japan. And this has been going on 2 years.

This new plume is in addition to leftovers from atmospheric testing, depleted uranium (DU) that we have used in Iraq and Afghanistan that has made its way back into our weather systems, and the continuous radioactive emissions that come out of the normal operations of 400+ nuke plants in the northern hemisphere.

But the Fukushima plume has been a game changer, except no one really told us that the game had changed. Unless, of course, you have turned off the reality shows to pay attention and come out of the virtually extinct instinct for one’s own sense of self-preservation.

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