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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Chernobyl's children. Fukushima and beyond are our next sad legacy of Cold War madness.

So I asked myself, what is the sad legacy of this entire video?

The implications are sadly quashed by lack of sensationalism, horror and immediacy of action.

But, to be fair, Chernobyl was a 'Cold War' incident, shrouded in the historical secrecy of the time.

We do know, they threw everything and everyone into the effort to contain a global disaster, as evidence by their collateral loss of equipment, land and lives.

Step into Fukushima.

Not more than 2 hours drive from the Capital of Japan, Tokyo, lies the now entirely destroyed carcass of not 1 but 4 decimated nuclear power plants, with 2 more on the same plant. Not only that, but Radiation releases go on unabated with the lack of knowledge of where the melt cores are. Indeed, the serious situation is uncounted for, due to the lack of any equipment that can go close enough to assess, or abate, the on going crisis.

Back to Belarus, where the children, as indicated in the video, are becoming sicker and sicker. Indeed, the entire landscape was wiped clean of human habitation,  live-stock slaughtered and no-go zones enforced. The land is dead land, for unknown years, decades, indeed centuries. We know not.

So in light of the evidence from the no longer so secretive event at Chernobyl, the scientific understandings (if only scant) of Fukushima, what can we conjecture?

The fact that T.E.P.C.O (site overseer) and the Japanese Government have not only been shown to lie, obfuscate and  conjecture, have done nothing to quell growing concern that the situation is uncontrolled, and indeed beyond the scope of our currently known sciences.

Why then, is an entire populous left in both social, and media isolation?

Is it the Global fear that this is real, happening and acknowledged as unabated and more sadly, unfix-able?

What can we say of all our advancements, that we allow an entire populations demise, in favor of ignorance that which we cannot fix?

Moreover, this extends to the entire Globe; if not today, eventually.

Radiation releases into the environment are now confirmed by the lead entities as not only flowing from 6 Meters from our Global oceans and into the Ground water, but more likely than not into the oceans themselves.

At what point you may be left asking is, what is the point, but to turn a blind eye.

For more, read the Tepco releases from Japan.

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