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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Chernobyl to Fukushima

Troy Livingston : Repost with Author permission :Repost by citizenperth

Comparing Fukushima and Chernobyl is like comparing apples and oranges, Fukushima is so much bigger and different then Chernobyl there is no comparison. Some poeple can onley understand how bad fukushima is if its is compared to the biggest nuclear disaster in history chernobyl that happened in 1986 in ukrane.

You probably already know that there has been over 2000 scientific research papers published on Chernobyl and put together in this book, that has been peered reviewed and published through New York Academy of Science.

So according to this Chernobyl book there has been almost 1,000,000 deaths as a result of chernobyl nuclear radiation and 7,000,000 people are negatively effected which are mostly children. Chernobyl contaminated 77,000 square miles with its 185 TONS of nuclear CORE MATERIAL from its ONE REACTOR that exploded and burned for ONLY 10 to 14 DAYS by till it was stopped by lead and sand and finally sealed in a metal sarcophagus 10 to 11 months after. This is one isotope only

Ok lets now talk about Fukushima shall we.

Fukushima has already killed 10,000’s of people and its only been a little over a year and half.

Fukushima has a staggering 1785 TONS nuclear fuel,

40 YEARS OF SPENT FUEL and MOX PLUTONUM and has been burning open for this entire time since march 2011 when 4 REACTORS EXPLODED (3 external r1,r3 and r4 and r2 internally leakage into the ocean this entire time) and melted down.

The entire pacific in contaminated beyond comprehension as these ocean cooled reactors are located close to the sea and have been leaking the entire time, oh yeah they also intentionally dumped millions of galls of high level radioactivity to sea.

The molted masses that are melting into the ground and continually releasing steam and casing earthquakes on the rim of fire fault line that runs through Japan.

Because they dumped sea water on the reactors we have even more lethal radioactive isotopes because they turn into a Bucky ball substance that can travel 1000 times better in the air long distance then Chernobyl’s graphite. Fukushima has MOX PLUTONUIM NANO SIZE BUCKY BALLS

The air was full of deadly man made nuclear isotopes the hammered and blanketed the entire northern hemisphere

Chernobyl is just a pimple on Fukushima ass in terms of size and even more so in terms of toxicity.

Once the nuclear material goes into the core it there for about 4 years (depending on type) then its is taken out and called spent fuel. Spent fuel is 1,000,000 times more toxic then nuclear material that in the core of the reactor. Fukushima had 40 years of spent fuel that blew up on R1 and R3 with R4 sfp partially burning and melting.

Chernobyl had no spent fuel. But what’s really crazy is r3 in fukushima is MOX plutonium that is 2,000,000 times more toxic then the core material that was in Chernobyl. All in all Fukushima is so much bigger and deadlier then what most people can even imagine. As more time goes on you will see that this will have direr consequence that far surpass that of Chernobyl’s. This is only a fraction of the information out there and if any body studied the fukushima facts would know this. Its been said by many head officials and scientists that this is far far worse then Chernobyl.½-chernobyls-of-cs-137-but-it-is-worse-doubly-ironic-that-it-is-all-thanks-to-yomiuri-shinbun-pro-nuke-establishment-newspaper

Peace love and happiness my friends ... so lets not let nuclear power take it from us as it has to millions already. We must unite to end nuclear power and ensure nothing like these long lived man made nuclear disasters ever happen again. Time is ticking as everyday more nuclear waste is generated which can not co exists with life and have no right being on our precious earth. The only way to do this is end your enslavement and there power

Fukushima now and forever
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