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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wow I didn't get this at first, but it goes along with the canary in the Mine theory... Gold fish at Perry reactor in US


A pair of radioactive goldfish has been found swimming in a lemonade pitcher in the bowels of the Perry nuclear power plant. [...]

The fishy tale has prompted federal regulators to ask a lot of new questions about morale at Perry and whether plant operators can control access to radioactive areas as required by regulation. [...]

The tunnel is off-limits as a radiation area when the reactor is running.

Waste in the bottom of the pitcher convinced investigators that the fish had not been in the container for very long [...]

Chemists in Perry’s laboratory quickly determined that the clear water in the pitcher was reactor water – and that the fish and the water were only slightly radioactive, due to the long maintenance shutdown. [...]

Still, early Thursday morning, both of the 1½-inch-long fish died. [...]

[end snip]

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From the article there are two theories

1. Someone brought them in or
2. They got caught in the water cooling intake

2 is certainly not possible as you would literally have to 'scoop' the irradiated water to get them out.

point being, is that the water was irradiated, and the fish died soon after.

so the hypothesis is 'canary in the coal mine'? (they had scaffolders in the tunnel doing maintenance)
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