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Thursday, 2 May 2013

OK I have copped 'flak' over not offering helpful solutions.. here I searched and found some....

There is a large contingent that call me a 'Doom-sayer'... and anti-helpful....

After surveying there are two major points that became apparent:

1. People are scared/ depressed
2. These conditions only compound a serious situation.

Each chapter I found was concise and to the point (you know, where you couldn't be bothered to concentrate)?

I was also told I was not helping but only "dooming"....

So I have this book that an Author sent to me......

It is concise; relevant.. and I believe might be helpful to those that struggle with the surrounding environment.

I hope it helps:


Depression: [Citizen Perth] An excellent book! When one is in the throes of depression they can rarely get out of bed, let alone concentrate on a book. Imagine if you could read the 'rolled and condensed' version of what you know, what you know you should do, and simple ways to do it. This book, and at its price is a piece of gold. A review to follow, but I rate it a five..... well worth under $10 bucks and I consider it a somewhat reward-able effort in its ability to stay short, concise and to the point, for those that need answers and less talk...... To take the cake, the author has experience with the malady (and shares personal pain, experience, and recovery... if not (he even suggest paths for others)
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