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Saturday, 4 May 2013

For those not in FB.. Chris Busby The Mystery of the Radioactive Rain in Brazil


The Mystery of the Radioactive Rain in Brazil
The decay of Radon, Rn-222 which involved gamma rays over the short term is as follows:
Rn-222 half life 3.8days , then Po-218 (3.05mins), Pb-214 (26.8mins), Bi-214 (19.9mins), Po-214 (164uSec), Pb210 (22.3y)
Of these only Ra-222 and Bi-214 give appreciable gamma radiation. The weighted contribution is about 60 Ra-222 to 80 Bi-214. The Brazil rain samples decay with an overall half life of about 37 minutes (16uSv/h to 1uSv/h in 150 min; Four half lives 16,8,4,2,1). If we assume that the radon was generated from radium a few hours before it was detected in the rain, that suggests Bismuth 214 as the origin of the signal. Bi-214 may have a higher concentration in the rain due to fractionation (since it is a solid and Ra222 a gas; it may form some kind of Bismuth hydroxide). The reason it is high in Brazil is there is a lot of Radium in Brazil.
But this is interesting anyway, as it shows, and Samuel has discovered that rain concentrates Bismuth-214; I wonder if that is a new discovery? It is certainly a radiological hazard, and drinking fresh rain water is a bad idea.

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Citizen Perth nice catch...... indeed, as i have tried to argue with tepco shills, irradiation can indeed be a fingerprint or a road-map back to the source.....

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