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Monday, 13 May 2013

A survey response to Question 8.. "Do you have a comment"


We have proof from day one that we were being lied to. I myself have TWO BOOKS filled with the early daily TEPCO & IAEA reports, including the test sample reports and other research. The lies we were being fed even from the beginning has ALWAYS been nothing less than an insulting blow to my intelligence, and, rights as a human being on this planet. I would like these perpetrators and enablers of deceit in Fukushima, in the IAEA, and, in EVERY nuclear research facility or regulatory agency for the past 80 years to know that the destruction of this planet and it's inhabitants is in their hands. The irony is the very fact that they do not view their folly and deceit as anything more than the 'way things work.' Between the nuclear industry and chemical companies like Dow and Monsanto, the day is coming that the Earth will be largely populated by genetically and physically flawed humans of questionable health and intelligence who will have lowered ability to keep humanity intact. I'd like to know when truth will surface. Fish and other sea food is no longer safe, many produce and food products from the West Coast of North America have been affected. I am sad to be afraid to be outside when it rains...which was one of my lifelong pleasures. Our planet is being bombarded by an irreversible assault in Japan, but, THAT is the one they COULD NOT HIDE. It is time for the blanket end of Nuclear Power plants worldwide. Just because this industries lobbyists and crafty 'scientists' mange to skew data, bury incidents, and, perpetuate lies to convince the world their industry is safe, does not make it safe. Which plant will be next? The age and structural integrity of existing plants are already reasons for grave concerns, but, as the incidents --yes, more than one-- in Japan show, the nuclear power industry always manages to do and say what it wants. One look at the pictures of those 'happy Japanese farmers'' 'proudly' holding up their grossly enlarged produce with a smiling face IS PROOF that they are/have been from the start trying to condition the world to believe that Fukushima is safe. The hopes and futures of people worldwide has been compromised, while we must live with the fact that we continue to be lied to. Those in power have lost all credibility. Civilization is broken, trust is lost, and it's only a matter of time until the silent sins of this industry is the visible face of mankind. I am beyond sad, and mourn for us all.

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