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Saturday, 13 April 2013

U.S., Japan review nuclear deterrence amid N Korea crisis


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The United States reaffirmed Friday a longstanding commitment to protect Japan through nuclear “deterrence” after talks that coincided with mounting threats from nuclear-armed North Korea.
The three days of discussions between U.S. and Japanese diplomats and defense officials focused on “maintaining a credible deterrence posture in a changing security environment,” said a Pentagon statement.
The meeting, part of what the Defense Department called a biannual “extended deterrence dialogue,” was held at Naval Base Kitsap in Washington state.
Japanese officials were given tours of a naval submarine and Trident missile facilities, which form part of America’s nuclear arsenal.

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and further (to agrevate the situation and confusion)....


Japan to deploy Patriot missiles in Okinawa permanently

The government will deploy Patriot missiles in Okinawa permanently from this month as part of its efforts to boost defense capability amid concerns over North Korea’s missile threat.
Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said his ministry would station Patriot Advanced Capability 3 (PAC-3) systems at two military bases on Okinawa “at the earliest opportunity in April.”
The ministry had earlier planned to deploy them by March 2015 but “we were considering advancing the plan that will protect people’s lives and property against ballistic missiles,” Onodera told a news conference Friday.
The move came as the country remains on full alert ahead of an expected mid-range missile launch by North Korea.
South Korean intelligence says the North has prepared two mid-range missiles for imminent launch from its east coast, despite warnings from ally China to avoid provocative moves at a time of soaring military tensions

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Remember... 'unconventional nuclear' is what is being espoused by the North Koreans.... brings to mind Fukushima, or Okinawa... take your pick.....

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