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Monday, 1 April 2013

The Vocabulary of the Uranium Industry: Keeping a Confused Public in the Dark.

Watching the alternative media news for comparison, along with the mass media news, it is easy to get a good feel for how the nuclear machine grinds along. Using its power of ownership of the mass media to control the information that is shared with the public, propaganda and spin, doublespeak and a whole lot of money to keep the secrets of the devastation that is wrought by this deadly and deceptive technology away from the public eye.

 One resource, at the disposal of the nuclear industry  machine is a vast army of what can only be described as word wizards, renowned for their ability to speak a language that is almost foreign to the common man or woman and who are adept at saying nothing but lies in the midst of an array of words that the average person neither understands nor comprehends. Thus the nuclear village maintains its self, and at a huge detriment to humanity and indeed to life its self. These word wizards pave the way for complete confusion of the masses.

So how to begin to unravel the mystery of "nuclear" for the common man, for the masses, with common words easily discerned? Begin with the root of it all, the entirety of the confusion begins in the word NUCLEAR. If called by its appropriate name, this industry would be called the Uranium industry, and that would break down even further to its tributaries, the uranium fired power plant, the uranium fired submarine, the uranium fired satellite, the uranium waste weapon, the uranium waste bomb, etc. Much of the mystery is erased in that one change of vocabulary. A coal fired power plant is called a coal fired power plant because that is what it is; perhaps, it is high time uranium fired power plants took their proper place in simplistic and easily understood terms and were referred to by the name that depicts precisely what they are. In order to obtain the electricity provided by a uranium fired power plant, the uranium is burned. This fire is the nuclear reaction which causes extremely intense heat. The uranium continues to burn and to release toxins that are utterly deadly to humans every second of the life of operation of each reactor.
"Up to 1,300,000,000 people have died because of the nuclear fission:"

 To sum up, a "nuclear" power plant that produces electricity by "fission", is actually a uranium fired power plant that is lit on fire and with this particular fire there exist NO MEANS to put it back out again... ever, so in essence when uranium is lit, it becomes the fire that burns forever, THAT is what a "nuclear" power plant really is. And the "reactor" is the furnace inside of which the uranium is burned. But in this case? The furnace is supposed to be completely air tight and sealed off from the environment because once the uranium inside of it is set ablaze? It is deadly for a man to encounter the by products, or "daughters. What happens in the event of a uranium fired power plant whose furnace or "reactor containment vessel" fails is almost  incomprehensible to understand. This should NEVER happen, and it has already happened many, many times, and will happen many more until we can get the people of the world awakened out of the state of confusion into which this topic abandons them. There is a veil across this industry and it needs to be ripped off and revealed for what it truly is, which is an abomination to life its self.
"When the ability to cool a reactor is compromised, the containment vessel  is the last line of defense. Typically made of steel and concrete, it is designed to prevent — for a time — melting fuel rods from spewing radiation into the environment if cooling efforts completely fail."

Uranium apologists compare contamination by the dispersal of uranium gasses and particles with things like eating bananas, which is akin to comparing sodium hydroxide (lye) with soap, they do not compare although one is a component of the other in some form. Bananas contain potassium, and human bodies include potassium regulators. Human have no regulators for this man made toxic "radioactive" (highly energetic and intensely damaging) brew released from the uranium furnace thus the damage bio-accumulates or builds up in the body, and in the cells, and completely unlike the process with a banana, which is regulated back to normal within hours of intake, goes on to cause severe damage to nearby tissues inside the body into which it lodges.This is another of this industries favoured sleights of hand, confuse then confuse even more comparing things that do not compare to make an individual feel ignorant and therefore unlikely to argue.
"The Potassium-40 in bananas is a particularly poor model isotope to use, Meggitt says, because the potassium content of our bodies seems to be under homeostatic control.When you eat a banana, your body’s level of Potassium-40 doesn’t increase. You just get rid of some excess Potassium-40. The net dose of a banana is zero."

Another favored method of deception is to refer to uranium fired power as GREEN, and not harmful to the environment, and causing no carbon footprint. This is all an outright and complete lie. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing green about uranium, only blackest night and darkness stand close beside uranium. In its mining, in its manufacture and processing, and every step of the way to its watery burial in a giant swimming pool called a "spent fuel pool" it is deadly and leaves behind a trail of tears which is kept secret and hidden from the public. Nothing but death comes out of the uranium. It should be left in the ground where it rests, doing little harm. It is not meant to interact with humans. It is not meant to interact with life at all.

Be ever vigilant to recognize the tricks and trappings of the uranium machine. It chooses its words carefully to keep the populace uninformed of the reality of what it truly is, a monster. Uranium kills people, slowly, agonizingly and with deadly silence and invisibility and has been doing so since the inception of this diabolical industry.
"” Lessons From Fukushima: Governments and the Media Will Deceive the Public and Withhold Vital Information, Leaving Citizens to Create Informal Information Sharing Networks. This presentation will demonstrate that the Japanese and U.S. Governments withheld vital information from their citizens about the direction and risks of Fukushima radiation plumes and the degree and consequences of radioactive fallout. Second, the presentation will demonstrate that the mainstream news media, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, were complicit in hiding information about fallout levels, dispersion, and plant conditions. The U.S. media are commonly recognized as more independent from government than Japanese media."

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