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Monday, 8 April 2013

TEPCO may run out of space for radioactive water


Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said on Monday it does not have enough tank space should it need to move contaminated water from storage pits that started leaking over the weekend at its wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
Two years after the worst nuclear disaster in a quarter of a century, TEPCO is struggling with breakdowns and glitches in its jerry-rigged cooling system to keep reactors and spent fuel pools in a safe state known as cold shutdown.
About 120,000 liters of water contaminated with radiation leaked from two giant pits over the weekend. The cooling system has broken down twice over the past three weeks.
The utility does not have enough sturdy, above-ground tanks it is building to take the water from the pits, a TEPCO general manager, Masayuki Ono, said at a news conference at the company’s headquarters.
TEPCO engineers have not decided whether to transfer the water to above-ground tanks, Ono said. The plant’s seven storage pits are lined with water-proof sheets meant to keep the contaminated water from leaking into the soil.
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This is more than a comedy of errors, it is a ELE event if they don't do something faster.

This is highly radioactive water that is not ever meant to see the light of day.
To have it leaking and stored in pits is very much NOT the sollution.

They have had since 2011 to build tanks, structures, whatever... and yet nothing but the silence.....
until now... pits with water proof liners? leaking tanks? missing robots?.......

I'll leave the thinking up to you readers......

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