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Monday, 22 April 2013

Radiation researcher “Social welfare service corporation for children stopped us from measuring radiation”

According to the radiation researcher of citizen, a social welfare service corporation in Ibaraki prefecture stopped them from measuring radiation.
The researcher has posted these videos.
[It happens] 0.60~0.80 μSv/h measured from a man in Ibaraki directly on his body [URL]
[Official monitoring post] “Comparing with personal dosimeter is banned” [URL 2]

The social welfare service corporation is located in Takahagi city Ibaraki. It is an educational institute for children.
On 4/18/2013, the principal and the chairman of the board of directors stopped them measuring the radiation level and analyzing the radionuclide.
The reason was “If the facility is captured by camera, the parents (customers) would be scared. The municipal government measures radiation level, so their measurement is not necessary.”

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