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Friday, 19 April 2013

NuScale Announces Major Technology Breakthrough – Safe Cooldown Over Indefinite Timeframe Achievable with No Operator Action, No Power, No Additional Water

<snip>PORTLAND, Ore - NuScale Power, LLC announced today that the company has reached a major technological breakthrough whereby the NuScale Module does not require any electrical power—alternate current (AC) or direct current (DC)—to be able to achieve safe cooldown should the need arise. Additionally, NuScale's technology does not require any on-going operator action nor additional water to achieve safe cooldown.

The events of Fukushima highlighted the importance that traditional reactors have of needing back-up sources of electricity to power the essential valves and pumps needed for long-term cooling to their nuclear power plants. The complete station black-out caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami eventually led to extensive damage to the Daiichi nuclear units because of their inability to power their safety systems. Their final lines of defense were banks of DC batteries with a limited life.

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