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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fukushima on the 'hit list' for North Korea?

Given the recent termoil in the area, the rhetoric from young Kim, and the delicacy of the dire situation in Fukushima, could this be a possibility?

Let's disect some of the information that is fact first.

Kim has pre-launched a test satelite on a rocket that is Ballistic. Not only this, but it provoked reaction due to its trajectory over Japan.

Kim has now warned foriegners to leave South Korea (bait and switch)?

On the other hand: US deploys (and others) early warning and detection systems, and anti-rocket systems to the area.

Kim has warned of 'unconventional pre-emptive attacks'.

Now, to Fukushima. We need not speculate that even one conventional warhead would put SFP4 out of the picture, and the world at the closest it's been to ELE since the Cuban crisis an Chernobyl.

Dark days ahead, or all 'boom bluster'?

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