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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bamboo shoot Radiation measurement campaign... (translated), seems like dubious measurements given other measurements outside of the measurement stations...

I was allowed to plan the "bamboo shoot free measurement campaign" in Yokohama Civic measurement stations this year. 
Is it I thought perhaps because interest of you whether was lower than last year, or determined to come out anyway and would be (? Does not go out), I wrote a lot of restrictions on recruitment, and do not want to measure it from eat, applicants specimen than last year this year the number has been reduced. Therefore, to investigate, to extend the "bamboo shoot Free Campaign" I decided to use, I am allowed to consider it as up to 4/26! 
How to apply for the campaign here is. It is a measure OK even from one. I think by all means, and if it is possible to applicants. Bamboo shoots measure the number of Yokohama in production of Yokohama government is also 7 last year, but it is only 2 this year. I felt a little lonely in the measurement number. I thought that it was is a thing of the earth and then the width of the measured value is large, and if I had you measured a little more as I am.Number Yokohama was measured Yokohama in production of bamboo shoots fiscal 2013, Yokohama City Institute of Health: April 2 collection day, was a total cesium 12Bq/kg. Yokohama southern market Institute of Health Sciences: April 17, collection day, it was a total cesium 10Bq/kg., bamboo shoot cesium measurement of total fiscal 2012 Yokohama Sun 21Bq/kg, 7.8Bq/kg, 27Bq / kg, 11Bq/kg, 18Bq/kg, 38Bq/kg, was 19Bq/kg. Looking at just this, cesium value of bamboo shoots in Yokohama in 2013 production has declined compared to last year, It seems to circulate in the bamboo forest pollution remains still. We will now summarize the number of this year of our measurement sites, but the number was higher in the most contaminated with until now, total cesium in bamboo shoots in Yokohama in production, measured on April 11: was 19.7Bq/kg. Last year, the 7 image name that gave me our bamboo shoot measurement of this measurement plant, was Please apply again this year. I thank you to take this place. Thank you! There were also cases of a number is up more than last year in. I think I may not seven, but would like to summarize how much etc. whether decreased by comparing the last year and this year. I think as a measure of pollution of long-lasting, and if possible to be investigated in a row every year. Employee measurement M

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