Report: Hawaii doctors finding uranium in people’s urine — Residents demand action (VIDEO) | Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns |
Hawaii has been suffering from radiation poisoning just like Japan thanks to the nuclear industry!

Hawaii USA the fish and coral showing signs of radiation poisoning but its blamed on bacteria. This is just like what happened to the seals and polar bears in alaska. first they blamed virus then bacteria then they said it was the pollution from japans tsunami... yeah its pollution from japan all right.

USGS: Coral disease outbreak an ‘epidemic’ sease-outbreak-an-epidemic/article_ca64e85a-347a-11e2-bb8b-001a4bcf887a.html
USGS: Rapidly-spreading disease in Hawaii coral — New strain of cyanobacteria blamed — Fish with lesions, turtles having problems — Big concern whether infectious to humans — “Truly an unusual event”

USGS issues announcement about polar bears with oozing sores, hair loss in Alaska — Gov’t testing for radiation — 3 of 4 captured yesterday affected — Similar symptoms as recent mystery seal deaths