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Friday, 1 March 2013

Japan riled by WHO's Fukushima cancer warning

Japan riled by WHO's Fukushima cancer warningPicture taken on February 28, 2012 shows a journalist checking radiation levels near the TEPCO Fukushima plantAFP
Japan on Friday insisted warnings by the World Health Organization of a rise in the risk of cancer for people in Fukushima were overblown, saying the agency was unnecessarily stoking fears.
The U.N.‘s health agency said the 2011 nuclear disaster had raised the cancer threat for people living near the crippled plant, which spewed radiation when reactors went into meltdown after a huge tsunami struck.
But Japan’s environment ministry said the WHO had overstated the risks and called on people living in the area to respond calmly to the report, which it said did not reflect “reality”.
On Thursday, the WHO said rates of thyroid cancer among women who were exposed to radiation as infants within a 20-kilometer radius of the plant were expected to be up to 1.25%.
This represented a 70% increase over the baseline risk of thyroid cancer over a Japanese woman’s lifetime, which is 0.75%, the U.N. health agency noted.
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So they don't believe WHO now?
So they don't believe they have already eaten irradiated food?
So theyhaven't evacuated the children from Fukushima city?

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