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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

First time in US history a Nuke plant denied by the NRC

Calvert Cliffs Unit 3


March 11, 2013. For the first time in history, NRC Commissioners uphold denial of a construction/operating license for Calvert Cliffs-3. Commission order. NIRS statement on NRC decision.
August 30, 2012. In a historic decision, NRC Licensing Board supports NIRS and denies construction/operating license for Calvert Cliffs-3! Key decision hereNIRS press statement is here. Update, November 1, 2012: UniStar is seeking review of decision by NRC Commissioners, Nuclear Energy Institute filed motion in support. NIRS and NRC staff support the ASLB decision. We will post the Commissioners' decision when filed. However, today the ASLB officially issued an order terminating the Calvert Cliffs-3 licensing proceeding.
The Licensing Board also issued decisions on NIRS' solar and wind contention, and another contention related to Fukushima Task Force issues.
On July 26, 2012, NIRS held a press briefing on the expected Calvert Cliffs-3 decision and its implications for the nuclear industry with Michael Mariotte of NIRS, Bob Eye, attorney for intervenors in the South Texas licensing proceeding, and former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford. You can listen to the briefing here. Michael Mariotte's opening statement is here.
Timeline of the Calvert Cliffs-3 reactor project and licensing proceeding.
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