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Thursday, 7 February 2013

VoicefromFukushima translation.... web site at top of article....

If you really want to eliminate this nuclear power plant

"Everyone, if I really wanted to eliminate this nuclear power plant

Decommissioning work hands-off ( but not ), rather than leave it to us We do decommissioning work want to increase convergence workers more and more and it is Everyone how I could get this nuclear waste incinerators with local people or , Really think.

RT @ Bush_of_Ivory _ _ Fukui Chi anti-nuclear movement of convergence of the workers, urban sorrowful appeal-JanJanBlog Employment benefits, coverage of primary convergence work sites and workers towards environmental improvements, and then of thick compensation strongly hope. 12 / 31 / 2012

12/30/2012 Sunday

Back to reality.

From the candy back to nihonmatsu city at home.

But reverberations of the candy is left, Fukushima switch the switch I have .

While also measuring of life. The knowledge thus not sure world end up exposed.
These places don't never ever made!

Primary if you know our advocates, our suffering,

A rework I I chosen is absolutely impossible. · ( than mobile. Nihonmatsu city )

( monitoring post looks out of the window space radiation dose value :0.189 µ mSv/h

In Geiger counter value :0.162 μ / mSv

Before the Prime Minister's official residence at 7/13/2012,
"Urgent 7.13! Ohi unit 3 nuclear power plants stop! Prime Minister's Office previous protest "took place.

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