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Monday, 4 February 2013

Inside story no1:

Re: Fukushima and the children... video... very sad...... we'll be seeing more of this.....
its hard to tell how much radiation people are ingesting on a daily basis through food and drinks, because they set a "safety limit" and if the food is below that, it is considered safe to eat. if the safety limit is 100bq/kg, and everything you eat has 99bq/kg, isn't that still very dangerous? and even with these safety limits in effect, stuff still slips through all the time, probably more than is reported. i see vegetables from fukushima for sale all the time, like potato and cucumber. if there is radiation in the water, you cook with it, drink it, bathe in it, wash your clothes in it. most japanese dry their clothes outdoors on a veranda.
they do not do thyroid tests or anything like that for children outside of fukushima. commercial geiger counters are limited to certain types and brands now. the government and tepco absolutely do withhold information, and not only that but many schools are openly serving fukushima vegetables in their school lunches, and you do not have a choice of eating it.
and the saddest part? almost everyone doesn't care anymore. nobody tries to change anything for the most part, they talk amongst themselves, but many times, if you bring something up you are called a "fear mongorer" because you are talking about something that people would rather not think about.
i recently gave birth to a baby girl in November, and spent my entire pregnancy here in tokyo (and several years before that including 3/11 and all of the time since) and spent the better part of my pregnancy worrying that she would have some kind of defect. she didn't, at least not any that are visible, but it's likely that her dna is mutated in some way, along with my 3 year old son (he was just turning 1 when the disaster occurred). but one day, when they are much older, and have family's of their own, if they marry with other japanese people in the area, it's very likely that their children will have some sort of mutation, which makes me very sad.

i guess that what im getting at is that we wont start seeing the truly devastating effects until several years later. the japanese government has doomed its own citizens. but the japanese have this sort of attitude, where they say "shoganai" (nothing you can do) to things like this. its a very complex situation.
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