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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Warning to the United States immediately after Fukushima radioactive contamination revealed in confidential official telegram

  0 minutes delivered Tuesday, January 08, 11:00

 When the Fukushima nuclear power plant emergency had fallen into the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in March 2011, I found that the U.S. military had hit a "top secret official telegram" in Japan. We are official telegram warning, and it will fail if the appropriate action, then the whole of Japan is contaminated with radioactive material, but it had been projected strong support for the United States of Japan. Japanese version of the Chinese network (China net) reported.  People are seen as some may contain Naoto Kan was then prime minister, the official telegram touched with their own hands is hold one's peace for official telegram.  I reported the Asahi Shimbun, official telegram is something Chiefs of Staff Chairman General, Mr. Michael Mullen sent by the top U.S. military. The telegram was at midnight, March 14, at the time, Japan did not call out to the rescue of the Fukushima nuclear power plant discharge the SDF yet.  Wording of the United States is demanding considerable official telegram, what are you doing in Japan? Have to assume the worst already, Mullen, "The United States is also very concerned about the current president for nuclear accident I have inquired with severely. "  day official telegram was hit, explosion already, Unit 3 nuclear power plant unit had fallen into difficult emergency cooling Unit 2 as well. But in the official telegram has focused attention on Unit 4. Mr. Mullen has pointed out that "by using the Self-Defense Forces. Believes that the U.S. military Unit 4 is very dangerous, should be cooled by any means," the Japanese government relies all on TEPCO, voluntary effort frustration is felt very strong in the United States for that was not at all.  Did the U.S. military focus on Unit 4, I was also due to the fact that this 1534 nuclear fuel rods are stored in Unit 4. If the cooling water tank in the unit if not enough, will reach the critical primary. A large amount of radioactive material is released If that happens, would have spread contamination throughout Japan.  A few hours after the U.S. official telegram was delivered to the Japanese government, around 6:00 pm on March 15, I had explosion of Unit 4 in other words. radioactivity warning alert was issued at the U.S. naval base in Yokosuka in Japan was 300 kilometers away from the Fukushima nuclear power plant where the accident occurred. Evacuation order was issued as soon as the families of all military personnel in the base.  From the details, which are reflected in the official telegram, the United States and at the same time were regarded as "base important in East Asia" in Japan, the United States is deeply disappointed the negligence of the Government of Japan, Japanese and do not have the ability to resolve the nuclear accident alone I found that the determined. (Yuko Yonehara Editor)

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