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Saturday, 5 January 2013

My thanks

Whilst asking nothing for myself, I would like to take the opportunity (thankyou spell check) to thank many people.

The first is my wife, she thinks of  me, and my ways as rather bizare, however, smiles alot....

The second are those that follow something that is not so signficant to us, but to those that follow... to those, I would say simply "Bless"

The third would be Iorii, who has had to leave Fulushima, but steadfastly is so determined, I love his Stoiacism.

Mostly, I thank eveyone, Mr C Busby, Fukushima Diary, and not last (nor least), Fairwinds for their continued time, insight and coverage of a most oft-overlooked global disaster, and the fact that it continues 24/7/365

fineprint: I thank WaterBug for his undue "space into race" diligence and reporting for GLP


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