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Sunday, 27 January 2013

World In Danger 

Fish, Turtles and coral all dying since Fukushima! Kauai's north shore are dying from media says is a disease just as the have done before with the seals and polar bears. The entire Pacific Ocean has been irritated by long live man made radioactive isotopes from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. 

Fukushima has done way worse then this picture! its biggest nuclear disaster in history 

Over 100 times bigger then Chernobyl which so far killed 1.5 million people.......The high lighted green on the land is caesium 137 only, from one month only. This is only taking into account reactor 1 melting down.......... there was 3 other reactors with spent fuel and one containing MOX Plutonium and beeing this is only one isitope out of 2000 that has been unleashed still to this day you can bet you ass this is a small fraction of the true contamination north america is receiving. 

If you live in Japan or west coast north america you should evacuate! everyone els please call your government and ask why this is not common knowledge... ask why there was no warning issued on the radio active rain..... ask why there is no testing of the food from the pacific ocean..... ask why they increased the safe level of radiation by 20 times that children and adults can consume.... ask why there is a media black out on Fukushima. 

What you dont know can kill you, your ignorance is there power. The ocean in this picture is showing the estimated ocean contamination travel in currents up too March 2012 from the leaking radiation numbers TEPCO the nuclear plant owners say has leaked into the ocean...... its much much worse 

As nuclear fuel fragments from the MOX Plutonium reactor flew into the ocean from the explosion !!!!! I know this because fuel fragments were found 1.5 miles on land and the ocean is only 100 meters away 
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