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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dial M for Mass Murder


citizenperth said...

thanks man

O Canada said...

The information in the video is very relevant and important to every one on the planet.
But the way the video was put together was.....well the information itself was not easy to gather, people need to see and hear the info clearly imho.
Thank you for the video just the same.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it is difficult to read, is it in youtube?

posted March 13, 2011, minutes after it was broadcasted live:
The illuminati used mini-nukes based on hydrogen to murder 1,000+ 9/11 responders (NYFD, NYPD, etc).
That was revealed worldwide first 2006.

On March 13 2011 God's irony in End Times replicated the 9/11 illuminati detonation at Fukushima unit 3.
This time, unlike on 9/11, a camera capturing the totality of the detonation was broadcasting live.

== added May 2011
Again as a follow-up of God detonating Fukushima unit 3, the type of nuclear reaction used for those 911 mini nukes was finally revealed first: relying on those late neutrons that need to take a coffe in the morning and ironically is called prompt-reaction. (2)
Again End Times Prophet was the only one to reduce Fukushima to 911.

(1) Truth reads http://911 FOR DUMMIES.BLOGSPOT/

(2) Fukushima detonation of unit 3 was explained first by Arnie Gundersen, May 6th 2011.