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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Kenji Higuchi, The Truth of the Fukushima 50

This lecture was given on May 3, 2011, at the All Freeter’s Union[1], in Tokyo

Hello everyone. Let’s stop all the nuclear power plants. Now we have the momentum to do this. If we fail, Japan will be over. I mean it — this country will be finished.

The nuclear industry has been crushing workers for 40 years. We all must think of those 500,000 workers who have been exposed to radiation.

By the way, I disapprove of this crook, Naoto Kan. I say it again: he is a crook, who serves only this powerful nuclear industry, being at the mercy of it. We must not call him a politician, let alone a prime minister — I can not help but say this anyway.

I am a commercially unsuccessful photographer who has been shooting environmental destruction in Japan for 48 or so years and who now has ended up witnessing the Fukushima nuclear disaster. I thought this would inevitably occur. It was rather unfathomable for me that this kind of accident had not occurred at any of those more than 50 reactors for more than 40 years. I could not stress this more: this Fukushima accident — as well as the 1999 criticality accident at the Tokai Nuclear Fuel Plant[2] — was inevitable, and also man-made. The industry’s irresponsibility caused those accidents. Japan’s nuclear power policy was introduced by what I would call an irresponsible regime from the beginning. We should rather take it for granted that such a regime should cause severe accidents.


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