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Monday, 10 December 2012

Interpretation of Social changes in Japan and what they may mean for Fukushima


From very beginning, it was obvious the problems we would see with conscripting legally a workforce for Fukushima clean up.
What are FACTS are the following, given in mind that even robots fail at Fukushima under the high radiation;

1. The Yakuza openly conscripted homeless and unemployed people from the bread line.
2. The radiation doses were and are covered up and unreported.. ie: the scandal of the dosimeters lead-lined. The workforce hiding or not wearing safety meters.
3. The offer of the elderly to go into Fukushima to spare the youth.

I never stated that I was nuclear aware or even curious. The story sold to us as children was that Nuclear powerplants were seperated from the environment and therefore very safe and clever. I looked them up as a student and thought that was a fair synopsis.

However, after Fukushima, I knew something wasn't right from the get go, and started researching.

This is where my own personal account gets interesting.  Few and far between were actual accounts and data of the ensuing catastrophe. After emails to Fairwinds (Arnie's wife) and several other players, they assured me that it was as dire as predicted.

There were no internet sites about the ongoing disaster, albeit on that I found on FB that was French and hard to decipher.

Enter the picture, Mozi from Fukushima-Diary. We discussed the lack of web presence, and the fear of cover up, so we both decided to make chronological presences to document what sources we could.

Fukushima diary is far superior to what I can represent, as Mozi can directly translate from the Japanese, and is doing an excellent job, even as he travels the globe. This is what he currently reports about the constitutinal change in Japan, the rise of right wing extremist groups and what it may mean for the people of Japan.

All this being said, enter the argument again of a workforce for Fukushima.

The Japanese have re-written parts of their constitution, and it is fairly scary.

The 'slavery without consent' component, has been removed from the constitution and replaced with wording that is more or less incromprehensive and obtuse.

2. Affirmation of bondage
In article 18 of the current constitution, it is stated below,
Article 18. No person shall be held in bondage of any kind. Involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime, is prohibited.
In the draft of constitutional amendment of LDP, the part of “No person shall be held in bondage of any kind.” is removed. Instead, the replacement of this article18 is very vague and lax.
第十八条 何人も、その意に反すると否とにかかわらず、社会的又は経済的関係において身体を拘束されない。
Article 18. Nobody is physically restricted in the social and economical relationship whether it’s against the person’s will or not.
< End>
The definition of “social and economical relationship” is not stated. It suggests the possibility of conscription for military and Fukushima decommissioning. (cf. [Column] What is going to happen for the next stage of Fukushima accident ?)"

The reporting of right-wing extremists being the bread and butter type; meaning that they cannot discern them by wearing uniforms and blaring at ralleys.

The call by some members of parliment to bring back a form of conscription... wonder where they will go? (and you have an unwitting workforce only bound by the term of the conscription)

To pull it all together, a mind set that may be anything anti-Nippon, non-conformist, radical, or towhit 'Fukushima-rumoured' may see a penalty and be dishonerable in they eyes of your family, peers and colleagues.

Then we seem to have the workforce shortage for the clean up solved. Conscription.

We know of the Japanese honour system, and they emotional penalties that are paid to dishonour... so basically 'go happily to your doom'....

an eye opening interpretation here:

And to end;  this is the TEPCO line for employees....:

In October, Tepco decided to send all the employees for Fukushima. This is mandatory and they have to go twice or three times a year.
However, this would be still not enough to take the human-wave tactics to decommission Fukushima plant.
What some of the Japanese people are afraid of is that the government impose the idea on people that going to Fukushima plant is patriotic. (meaning, un-patriotic people would not go to Fukushima plant.)
Japanese government took the same tactics during WWW2 to recruit students for army. People were called “Hikokumin (=Un-Japanese)” if they reject going to the battle field and oppose the war.
Japanese people tend to have strong group mind and they are very sensitive for peer pressure so this propaganda can easily control Japanese people.
They have already started sending high school students to the disaster area for clean up the debris etc..It’s likely that they make it a credit necessary to graduate from schools to go to Fukushima (plant).
In Chernobyl, 600,000 ~ 800,000 workers were conscripted to settle down the plant. Most of them are told to have already died.

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