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Friday, 28 December 2012

Fukushima law suit by Navy vindicates Blogging as a news catchment including Fukushima-Diary and cited for evidence

Law suit from US 8 navy employees, cite- 'news clearing houses' as partial evidence, and my thoughts are Mochizuki for his efforts
this is not dust in the wind after all.....

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Eric Redman said...

Every mother, father, sister, brother of a soldier in Japan needs to call and write their representatives to demand an immediate withdrawal of all forces from the entire island of Japan, as it is "WORSE THAN A CHERNOBYL FALLOUT ZONE!" Plus demand A MILITARY RESPONSE IF JAPAN DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN THOSE DIRTY BOMB INCINERATOR SITES & ACCEPT MILITARY OCCUPATION OF THE NUCLEAR DISASTER SITES BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE LEAKS THE CRACKING CONCRETE FUEL POOLS! (*Arnie Gunderson 12/31/12