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Friday, 30 November 2012

The Fukushima Hobbit/Gypsy/Nomad

After the Nuclear melt down he had a choice-

  Mochizuki Cheshire Iori   
Mochizuki Cheshire Iori

Since working with a family business, he had a decision to make after the melt downs and explosions at Fukushima- to stay or to go.

Coming from ground zero, his choice, to him was simple.... evacuate.

Trying to convey this to those still numbed by the earthquake, tsunami and eventual nuclear crisis was extremely difficult.

Those who could listen, were still numbed by the excessive catastrophe surrounding them. Perhaps this is why so many people were paralysed, and so, even now.

Travelling the globe, on the good will of others, savings, and his donations from his web site for demystifying the Japanese documentation and translations, he continues to plead for the evacuation of the people affected.

We had both followed the crisis and met on a French Face Book page that was trying to disseminate the scat news that was available; and, after many pages were silenced on the internet decided the best collation device was to open multiple sites to disseminate as much information as was made available.

We had a two hour interview last year, but the recording was corrupted in the finally stages; happily the information he shared is well documented elsewhere.

He resides somewhere in Eastern Europe (location undisclosed for relevant reasons), and has travelled Europe and the US continuing his quest for openness, transparency and justice.

If you are following the dilemma that the Globe is covering up, please visit his site.

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