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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Monthly round up for Fukushima

Rather than needlessly quote I thought I might summarise what I have researched, that can easily be researched from the internet and MSM as factual.


During the last month we have had several important updates as to the situation at Fukushima.

First and foremost is the lack of continued "altruistic" reporting from both the Government and TEPCO in regard to monitoring; being at least 10% below the true amount based on ascertaitions that the "batteries" were shielded.... ( see below for link), meaning that over 500 machines will be modified; (that being, what was the true dose since the inception of the monitoring program?)

The official University Hospital of Fukushima heads, have made statements about the growth of thyroid cancers and cysts within children detected as the following:

·         Unknown amount and size unreported

·         Lies that children develop thyroid disease more slowly that adults

·         One Government check denying any abnormalities, discludes the child from further testing

·         Any abnormality found to  induce cancer would be easily treated id 3-5 years time

This is an extremely cautious and misleading statement. I find it obtuse in the realm of profound. They negate the fact that which is prevalent, yet purport to be able to ‘deal with it’ if it arises….

TEPCO have doubled their bill for compensation from the Government to 11 Billion. One might ask ‘compensation’ for what? As a layman, you would expect heavy fines for dumping left over commercial barrels into a river, but an ongoing 4+ nuclear melt down?

The waters in Tokyo are in trouble. Where they have surreptitiously dumped high reading waste into the waterways and harbour (as documented), and are now increasing to almost double of which they were at before the beginning of the crisis.

Another interesting article, is that (to the preceding forepoint),  that a mother had both children tested for thyroid cysts by the government, and then  proceeded to have private check and both were at dubiously scandalous ends of the scale…..

Parks in and around the country are dumping what other countries would consider ‘nuclear waste’ within gardens, parks and playgrounds. With little or no notification, these are placed in the outskirts of said areas with nothing more that tape-rope, or witches hats…..

Finally, on a positive note, the Fukushima barefoot foot race, was delimited, by conscience vote, to 30 meters, as participants made silent protest to the ongoing saga….

2/3 of available staff, are no longer available to participate in the Fukushima decommissioning due to higher than yearly dose limits.
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