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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fukushima tobacco contaminated with radiation: orders cancelled

<snip from ABC>
By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy

Posted Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:17pm AEDT

Japan's largest cigarette maker has cancelled the purchase of tobacco leaves from Fukushima after they were found to be contaminated with elevated levels of radiation.

Japan Tobacco says routine checks of dried tobacco leaves from Fukushima have revealed that some of the crop is contaminated with radioactive caesium above the company's safety limit.
<end snip>

now the real news.....

smoking is the most affective ways of internally irradiating the body.... one hot particle into the lungs.... you're a guess......

[link to]

another point.. is that smoking was rather benign BEFORE nuclear was on the rise.

one more fact.. they use tabacco and other fast growing plants ie: sunflowers et al; to decontaminate.....

further- our fast second life of early cesium has past.. we now look toward the 50 year model, regardless of Uranium, Plutonium etc.....
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