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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fukushima conscription by volunteering?

In October, Tepco decided to send all the employees for Fukushima. This is mandatory and they have to go twice or three times a year.
However, this would be still not enough to take the human-wave tactics to decommission Fukushima plant.
What some of the Japanese people are afraid of is that the government impose the idea on people that going to Fukushima plant is patriotic. (meaning, un-patriotic people would not go to Fukushima plant.)
Japanese government took the same tactics during WWW2 to recruit students for army. People were called “Hikokumin (=Un-Japanese)” if they reject going to the battle field and oppose the war.
Japanese people tend to have strong group mind and they are very sensitive for peer pressure so this propaganda can easily control Japanese people.
They have already started sending high school students to the disaster area for clean up the debris etc..It’s likely that they make it a credit necessary to graduate from schools to go to Fukushima (plant).
In Chernobyl, 600,000 ~ 800,000 workers were conscripted to settle down the plant. Most of them are told to have already died.

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