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Saturday, 15 September 2012

#Radioactive Japan: Japanese Government to Give Anti-Baseless Rumor Seminars to "Educate" Mothers of Young Children

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 day ago
Oh yes, and bamboo spears could down a B-29 bomber, because it's all in your mind, it's all how you think.From NHK News (part, link won't last since it's NHK; 9/14/2012): 原発事故による食品への風評被害と、悪質商法による高齢者被害の2つを消費者問題の重点項目として、政府は風評被害を防ぐための集会を開いたり、高齢者に注意を呼びかける電話をかけたりして対策を強化していくことになりました。 The national government has come up with the two important consumer issues to focus on: damage on food industries due to baseless rumors because of the nuclear accident, and businesses that aim to defraud senior citizens. Countermeasures will include hosting meetings to prevent baseless rumors and making ph...more »
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