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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wrap up this week from sources

Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Photo Right Before the Tsunami on March 11, 2011

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 22 hours ago
By the way, TEPCO released 600 photographs taken by its employees and workers from affiliate companies at the plant in the early days of the nuclear accident (starting March 11, 2011). They are only available at TEPCO's Photos and Videos site in Japanese. Look for entries that have September 11, 2012 date (2012年9月11日).Here's the summary document (PDF) which lists the photos with brief descriptions, as well as thumbnails of photos of particular locations (from page 15).Page 16: Landing dock right before the tsunami, water withdrawing and exposing the dock structure. (Click to enl...more »

Photo of the White Pipe Shavings That Are Still Clogging Up the Water Injection System at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 23 hours ago
TEPCO claims these bits and pieces are clogging up the valves and pipes that carry the treated water back into the reactors. Shavings and metal bits.From the 9/11/2012 Photo:The company also has a very short video that supposedly shows the cleaning operation of the water inside the buffer tank, by catching these shavings and bits. But as you see toward the end of the brief video, you still see tons of white things still flowing around. The photo was taken on September 10, the video on September 8.

One Case of Thyroid Cancer Found Among 80,000 Fukushima Children Tested So Far

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 day ago
The researchers say it has nothing to do with the nuclear accident, and the child must have developed the thyroid cancer before the accident. From Kyodo News (9/11/2012):18歳以下1人が甲状腺がん 福島健康調査8万人分析One case of thyroid cancer, under 18, according to the health survey of 80,000 東京電力福島第1原発事故による放射線の影響を調べている福島県の「県民健康管理調査」の検討委員会(座長・山下俊一福島県立医大副学長)が11日開かれ、事故発生当時18歳以下を対象とした甲状腺検査について、1人が甲状腺がんと報告された。 The committee for "Fukushima Health Management Survey" to study the effect of radiation from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident (headed by Shunichi Yamashita, Vice President of Fukushi...more »

#Radioactive Japan: Radiation Exposure Offers Many "Educational" Opportunities for Children

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 2 days ago
Exactly one and a half year since the start of the nuclear accident on March 11, 2011, this is where Japan stands. All the lip service to "protecting children" or "children are our future" is, well, lip service.The mayor of a big city in Kanagawa Prefecture declares eating food containing radioactive cesium in the school lunches is part of children's education. A large city in Fukushima Prefecture in the highly contaminated Nakadori (middle third) refuses to install air conditioning systems in the city's public schools because children should not miss the opportunity to learn abou...more »

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Pipe Shavings Causing the Decrease in Water Flow, TEPCO Thinks

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 3 days ago
Incurious TEPCO's conclusion for now is that the white pieces floating in the buffer tank and caught by the strainer are the shavings of plastic pipes and they are the cause of the decreased water flow into the reactors.From Yomiuri Shinbun (9/6/2012):福島第一の注水量低下、配管の削りかすが原因かDecrease in the amount of water injected [into the reactor] caused by shavings from the pipes? 福島第一原子力発電所1~3号機の原子炉を冷やす注水量が必要量を下回った問題で、東京電力は6日、ポリエチレン製配管の削りかすが弁や配管などに詰まった可能性が高いと発表した。 TEPCO announced on September 6 that it was likely that the shavings from the polyethylene pipes were clogging up the valves and p...more »

#Fukushima Health Management Survey Protocol, in Researchers' Own Words

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 4 days ago
Not much, unfortunately, due to the nature of the paper whose focus is on the protocol, not data analysis.The Japan Epidemiological Association's official magazine "Journal of Epidemiology" has the paper titled "Study Protocol for the Fukushima Health Management Survey", by Seiji Yasumura et al (including Dr. Shunichi Yamashita).It is about the health survey on Fukushima residents including children, from which some fantastic stories have been woven and disseminated, including "CONFIRMED: 36 Percent Of Fukushima Kids Have Abnormal Thyroid Growths".Thyroid examination of childr...more »

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Video Inside the Buffer Tank Shows White Particles Floating in the Treated Water, Rust on the Bottom

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 6 days ago
TEPCO still hasn't identified the cause for the decreased water flow into the reactors (1, 2, and 3), but the company suspects some rust or foreign particles clogging the system somewhere. On September 5, a video camera was submerged into one of the buffer tanks that store the treated water before the water is fed back into the reactors.White particles floating around, like near the bottom of the ocean. I wonder what they are. TEPCO explains the bubbling seen in the video as "nitrogen".Here's a photo of the strainer of one of the 5 "chiller" machines (to cool water), from TEPCO...more »

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara: "Decommission Monju? Not a Chance!"

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
as if he has any say in it. Or maybe he thinks he will shortly. He must be counting on the Liberal Democratic Party becoming the ruling party again, with one of his sons at the helm. (That son was the one who diagnosed people against nuclear power as suffering from hysteria, in July last year.)As Jiji Tsushin reports, he spoke like the de facto leader of LDP anyway. From Jiji Tsushin (9/6/2012):福井でもんじゅ視察=「廃炉はとんでもない」-石原都知事Tokyo Governor Ishihara visits Monju in Fukui: "Decommissioning? Not a chance." 東京都の石原慎太郎知事は6日、日本原子力研究開発機構の高速増殖炉「もんじゅ」(福井県敦賀市)を視察した。石原知事は視察後、「もんじゅは世界に先駆けた画期的な技...more »

US Department of Defense Sets Up "Operation Tomodachi" Radiation Exposure Registry

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
The whole-body radiation dose estimate for adults (older than 17) in Sendai, Miyagi during the 60 days from March 11 to May 11, 2011 may be as high as *1.2 millisievert*, assuming being outside at all times with constant high physical activity levels.From the US Department of Defense press release (9/5/2012; emphasis is mine):Registry to Provide Japan Response Radiation InfoBy Jim GaramoneAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, Sept. 5, 2012 – Though no Defense Department personnel or their families were exposed to radiation causing adverse health conditions following the n...more »

Goshi Hosono To Run Against Noda in DPJ Leadership Election, "There's No Stopping Now"

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
(UPDATE 9/7/2012) It looks like Hosono flip-flopped. Now he says he is not running. What a surprise. His reason, according to Yomiuri, is just incredible: 2 weeks of campaigning for the DPJ leadership election will distract him from important tasks for the recovery of Fukushima. That recovery hasn't really happened after one year and 6 months, and he wants us to believe this particular 2-week period in September is too critical. (As I said, incredible.)(H/T anon reader) ===============================Oh what a surprise. (Not.)These DPJ politicians are indeed from outer space, ...more »

Steam Leak at France's Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant, 2 Workers Got Burns

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
(UPDATE) According to Washington Post, workers were preparing a chemical solution to treat waste water when the accident happened. (H/T reader Atomfritz)=====================================The cause of the accident is, according to the AFP article below, "oxygenated steam [which] had escaped after hydrogen peroxide reacted with water in a reservoir" during a maintenance operation.(Now why are they pouring hydrogen peroxide in the reservoir? Killing the algae, perhaps?)From AFP (9/5/2012):Two slightly injured in accident at French nuclear plantFESSENHEIM, France — A steam ...more »

#Fukushima Officials and Principals of Tokyo Metropolitan High Schools Want to Send Students to Fukushima on School Trips

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
To help Fukushima recover, of course. Wirtschaft über alles. Above well-being of children.(That's part of what 20-plus years of economic "malaise" does to a country.)From NHK Tokyo Metropolitan Edition (link won't last, emphasis is mine; 9/4/2012):福島県への修学旅行など誘致[Fukushima officials] luring school trips to Fukushima Prefecture 震災や原発事故の影響によって、修学旅行などの目的で福島県を訪れる生徒が大幅に減っているため、福島県の担当者が4日、都立高校の校長などが集まる会議に参加して誘致活動を行いました。 On September 4, officials from the Fukushima prefectural government dropped by at the conference of the principals of metropolitan (public) high schools (in Tokyo) to...more »

Japan's Reconstruction Agency Says Infra Will Be Ready in 2 Years in Former Evacuation Zone in Fukushima So That People Can Return, Now That the Agency Has "Grand Design"

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
The country is either in denial, or in delusion, or in both. Or in the same mental state when many truly believed that bamboo spears wielded by young girls could down the B29 bombers. It may have taken 26 years for the Ukrainian government to contemplate redeveloping part of the evacuation zone around Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but the Japanese will do better than that and do it in three years since the start of the accident. The Reconstruction Agency, modeled after the one that was set up right after the devastation of Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, says it now has a "Grand ...more »

Japan's LDP Elders Wants to Prop Up Shintaro Ishihara's Son as the New Party Leader

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
If you think the Democratic Party of Japan's senior members wanting Goshi Hosono to become the next party leader (and thus prime minister of Japan) are from outer space, they now have a company. Senior members of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, which wants to wrestle the power from the DPJ in the upcoming Lower House election, want to have as the new party leader one of the sons of Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara. They think the son will win them the election. Why? Because they think so.Ishihara junior is the one who suggested last year that ordinary citizens should not ...more »

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Plankton and Rust May Be Clogging Up the Valves in Water Injection System, Says TEPCO

arevamirpal::laprimaveraat EXSKF- 1 week ago
While TEPCO still doesn't know exactly what is causing the decrease in the amount of water being injected into the reactors to (supposedly) cool the reactors (see my previous post), the company has come up with the possible culprits: rust and plankton.Yes, plankton. Why? Because the water being injected into the Reactor Pressure Vessels of Reactors 1, 2 and 3 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is not just the treated water after decontamination and desalination. The treated water is mixed with the filtered river water. Clearly, plankton escapes the filter.From Jiji Tsushin (9/3/...more »
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