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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nuclear waste video 1 hour long: very scary

From [life 43] (ty)...

German doco with English sub-titles... 1 hour long, but just watch the first 2 minutes... steel drums thrown off a boat and into the ocean.... (prior to '93, this was normal practice re: nuke waste)

We know from Fuku the dangers of salt water and metal, hell even ship wrecks turn to rust... and here we have nuke waste sent to all corners of the globe as if it were nothing...

ANd to top it off, we still have no answers as to what to do with the waste as evidenced by the fact that they keep it stored onsite until they find a solution... damn....

first 5 minutes are the nuke 101 on why we are fubared after fuku and beyond....

Anti-nuke??.... I am now.... to tired to watch? read for the good bits below....

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powerful stuff, and very eye opening, the presenter talks as if Fuku had already happened and what we can expect...

Points of interest:(continuing update)

7:00 minutes on - explains internal contamination

9:10 the tipping of a greenpeace boat trying to stop the dumping of nuke canisters

aprox: 10:oo mins.. interesting piece on Hanford US from 1953... footage of the worlds first plutonium reactor circa 1943.. still there....

15:00 min : Hanford leakage from buried underground containers

22:00 minutes : nuke russian nuke physicist admits to pre-chernobyl exposion of a waste holder expolsion in the Urals in 1957 during the cold war. Interview with a woman that was a child at the time ina nearby village.
"The villages had no idea that a huge explosion of highly radioactive waste just happened due to the failure of cooling" (Sound familiar)????
>mini doco: 800 KM square is forbidden near the site, and lead lined trucks are burying the lake karachay that is highly contaminated... reported during perastroikia... 12 minutes to unloadf rocks due to radiation.

30:00 Scientist takes 5000 clicks/sec (unsure of ratio)readings from a feed river into the Orb rinver in Russia... states "do not put your fingers in there".... then 16000 (equivilant of Chernobyl)

32:00 Fukushima in 20 years?

33:00 Up until the early 90's this site was the local and only high school - the local children would fish, lie and play there : the most contaminated site in the district (starting to sound familiar)?

36:00 A parallel between the treatment of Soviets and contamination, and the treatment of the peoples of Fukushima-
testing of the milk : still contaminated but no results to the people...

38:00 FIP in Russia (Nuclear Specialist), study of 30 000 since the 1950's, near the Techa river; Mirak Ossenko, head of epidemiology; "obvious link between radiation and cancer, and mortality rate due to them... several generations were willfully left to live on contaminated land... (man's son died of cance at 48.. cemetaries are full)... "

41:00 Svetlana= Deputy minister for nuclear safety in Chelyabinsk.. says the "levels dropped, but do not use the river for farming" (at least they know.. or do they)?

43:00 fish farming of a night time then analysis at the of fish and soil at the French CRIIRAD lab... clinical analysis of samples from the area... (still today)
>C137 contamination = heavy = build up in river banks - 180 000 bio accumulation per kilo... (under a newly constructed bridge)
>Tritium = heavy
>600 Bq in the fish

(kinda leads to the lies we hear from Fuku,no)?

> Plutonium 239, and 240 = heavy

47:00 Yannick Rousselet Greenpeace France has studied a French reprocessing plant for 20 years and its impact on the environment; Cogema site, with the radiocative discharge pipe clearly shown leading straight into the ocean....
"under foot the equivalent of 33 million!!!!! 200-litre barrels of waste!!!!.... every year!!!!

"since 1993 barrels from ships are illegal.. but dumping terrestrially through piping is allowed"
"La-Hague... 400m3 is dumped into the ocean daily"
"iodine-139 can be measured in the arctic"

49:00 La Hague measures a permanent nuclear accident through smoke stack experiment (dispersion map shown)
- analysis of kite experiment show very high krypton activity above the stacks - 90 k Bq/M3

51:40+ analysis of result show all of the atmospheric atomic tests, per year La Haque is more!!!!


ASN LMAO!!! white-wash their procedures and policies (TEPCO obviously studied this film well)....
Low dose 5 year admission!!

59:00 Inside AREVA France!! MOX recycling compound!!!
AREVA cancelled last minute on the question “how do we recycle more than 90% Uranium from the waste”?
(this is like what is damaged and missing in FUKU)
This is the missing link in the MOX equation…

1:04 Uranium disappears from France to Russia and Europe for re-processing?? What the??
The amazing journey of Uranium from France to Siberia….. Seversk (mini James Bond stuff)

1:08 Politicians enriching Uranium in Russia have No Power as it is secret…..

1:10 10 metre containers open air storage in Siberia…. Hmmmm where next?.. oooh, back to France…

1:11 Yuri Zubkov : head of radiological monitoring in Tomks…. Agrees that the satellite photos indeed show open air storage of Uranium containers…. (but that’s alright they’re “air tight”) 20% remains in Siberia…

So of the 90+% that AREVA claims is recycled… 90% is not….


1:15:30 The Spent fuel pool debate…. This is a non-exploded one…
1:15:50 Bob Alvarez worked in the US Senate as a site inspector:
Report on hazards of storing spent fuel in SFP’s:

Documenting the last 25 years:
Using a terrorist scenario quote “taking it to the extreme”:
1. If the fuel pool empties, the fuel catches fire.
2. “the fire would then release huge amounts of radiation into the air… maybe 4 times more than Chernobyl… we of course were attacked and denounced… by the nuclear industry and government.. congress asked the national academy of science to report on our findings and in 1995 we were shown to be correct…. Spent fuel pools were found to be an unacceptable risk…”


1:18 nice map of spent fuel locations…. (check out Japan)……

1:18 nice map of spent fuel locations…. (check out Japan)……

1:199 Corinne Lepage former French Environmental Minister: “Gambled in the 70’s that we could treat the waste… 2010 this gamble has not paid off…. We have no solution for waste… MOX is no solution… this is why it is not a sustainable area…”
11:23:00 The runners for France’s top job was wrong on TV about everything nuclear: Must watch!!!

1:27:00+ year 2000 Germany decided, by popular intervention to decrease reliance on Nukes….

Fukushima is far worse than we admit to....

Doom... 10 000 000 Bq/p/hr from Fuku in June alone


According to calculations by Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the Fukushima No. 1 plant, a total of about 10 million becquerels per hour of radioactive cesium was being emitted from the No. 1 to No. 3 reactors as of June. That is about one-80 millionths of the level that was being spewed immediately after the accident. Achieving a state of cold shutdown has meant a decrease in the volume of cesium emitted from the reactors."


steam from inside the reactor inspection via robot....

Imagine how much has been released altogether, and is currently being released?

God help us all.......

Saturday, 21 July 2012

MSM : Fuku report.. firm lied about radiation doses **PROOF**

Firm told workers at Fukushima plant to lie about radiation dose
A subcontractor at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant told workers to lie about possible high radiation exposure in an apparent effort to keep its contract,…
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main stream media?!?!!?!??!... NOT A PEEP ?!?!?!?!??

we're insane........ sigh*

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yeah, let's believe TEPCO from the top down......

Friday, 20 July 2012

And here's how they guarantee the safety of the workers.... shield the dosimeters with lead.....

Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low
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Fukushima workers were ordered to shield their dosimeter with lead covers to make the integral dose look lower than actual. The lead cover has a few mm of thickness. Some of the workers admitted they covered the dosimeters with lead cases in the interview with Asahi newspaper.

They are working for one of the subcontract companies called “build-up”
<end snip>

....nice... same as the stillborn count and the children's readings.. GOD.. I so trust them....

...they have re-opened a fuku beach tho... let them wash of the radiated particles with irradiated water....
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I have my own personal Japanese Shill for posting the truth about Fukushima, do you?
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Workers remove 2 nuclear fuel rods from Fukushima reactor

By Yuri Kageyama
A giant crane removed two fuel rods from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant Wednesday, starting the long and delicate process to reduce the risk of more radiation escaping into the environment......
All of the 1,535 rods in a spent-fuel pool next to reactor No. 4 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in northeastern Japan must eventually be moved to safer storage - an effort expected to take until the end of next year, according to the government......
Tasaka said the government target of removing all the rods by the end of next year may prove too optimistic because of many unknowns, the need to develop new technology and the risk of aftershocks.
“If we are asked whether things are completely safe, we cannot say that,” he said. “If there is another major earthquake, we don’t know what may happen, although we hope for the best.”
<end snip>

1,535 rods...... no containment till a month ago..... and no safe removal procedure..... usually a pinpoint accurate crane, major safety measures and thick walls.... now?.... blown up crane, no walls, and very little to say about the containing water and cooling.... far from over...

Apocalypse Hot spot Japan

this video is awaiting part 5.... toward the end is the real deal....

the rest looks like a movie set....