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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Speaking against what is told and untold....

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Think Fukushima Emergency is over?... think again..

100 Kilometres South of Fukushima Plant.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

WOAH!..Japan faces 'extinction' in 1,000 years, researchers say

Life expectancy is expected to rise in 2060 to 90.93 years for women and 84.19 years for men AFP


Japanese researchers on Friday unveiled a population clock that showed the nation’s people could theoretically become extinct in 1,000 years because of declining birth rates.

Academics in Sendai said that Japan’s population of children aged up to 14, which now stands at 16.6 million, is shrinking at the rate of one every 100 seconds.

Their extrapolations pointed to a Japan with no children left within a millennium.
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lets just step back a little... if they say their is a declining birth rate, could help cover-up the fact that irradiation will cause mass sterilization..... scary stuff.. so they've officially started the clock now.....

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believe the 'official reason' much?

How they stock 100Bq/kg of radioactive waste

The storage of radiactive waste is known to have 3 levels


there are different colours for the 10 gallon drums, of which different countries use different colours.

linked to this post is the following article:

Posted by Mochizuki on May 10th, 2012 
Before 311, radioactive waste of over 100 Bq/kg was stocked like this on the picture.
Now 100Bq/kg is the safety limit of food.
How they stock radioactive waste
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so that much nuclear waste is allowed in the food that people eat?????

The most frightening TEPCO "road to wherever" document released thus far...

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look carefully.....

within 10 years... fuel removal

complete the fuel removal (20-25 years)

decommission (30-40 years)

and there you have it folks!

TEPCO and their 12 month cold shut down........


purgering, lying scum that should have been out of business well before now!.....

the whole set of reports look like a b-grade horror/ comedy...

The Non-Battle of Fukushima …

Posted on by steve from virginia

Figure 1: A generalized conception of what is taking place beneath the Fukushima reactors, cores at very high temperatures burning their way into the ground.
Large problems are looming larger in Fukushima as reports of short-lived radioactive fission products detected by TEPCO in reactor number 2: