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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Translation to English.. Mochizuki is now on Wiki......

February 11, 2012 at 9:04 am

Iori Mochizuki

Iori Mochizuki

Key data


Yokohama, Japan




Civil engineer

Main activity

Internet dissident

Other activities



Iori Mochizuki is a blogger, journalist, and dissident Japanese born in 1983. He is the author of Fukushima Diary, a blog that calls for the evacuation of the Japan.

[Hide] 1 biography
2 After March 11, 2011, the birth of the citizen journalist
3. The journal of Iori Mochizuki on Dianuke
4 Fukushima Diary, Iori Mochizuki blog
5. Attacks against Iori Mochizuki
6 Notorious facts
7 Notes and references

Biography [edit]

Iori Mochizuki was born in 1983, in the city of Yokohama, in the Japan. Single child of a family of entrepreneurs, it is placed in a Buddhist Manger before joining Mutsukawa nishi Catholic Elementary School. This confrontation with two types of religious teachings participates in the formation of his critical spirit. Iori Mochizuki is defined as non-religious, although he practised meditation and regularly make reference to the property and the mal1. The death of his grandmother by morphine overdose strengthens its suspicion towards any form of authority, be it medical, religious or political. At the age of 11, he joined Seiko2 College, where he pursued all of high school. He has then continued with studies in accounting at the National University of Yokohama3. In 2006, he was recruited by Sharp Corporation. But, the following year, he joined the company of his father where he held a position of civil engineer. March 11, 2011, he is in his Office when the largest earthquake in the history of the Japan, with a magnitude of 9.04.

After March 11, 2011, the birth of the citizen journalist [edit]

Back home, Iori Mochizuki learns that a tsunami struck the Pacific coast of the Tōhoku region, causing serious damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power. Later in the day, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the nuclear emergency. While the Japanese Government is reassuring, Iori Mochizuki seeks to learn more about the situation. After several explosions occurred at the plant, he begins to distrust of official information and starts a real computer watch. In his research, he persuaded that traditional media does not properly cover the situation. He also becomes aware of the importance of the nuclear lobby in the Japan and around the world. For Iori Mochizuki, the International Atomic Energy Agency and most of the pro-nucléaires Governments have implemented a true work of disinformation to hide the effects of radioactivity on the 5.

The journal of Iori Mochizuki on Dianuke [edit]

Therefore, Iori Mochizuki begins in a fight for the information, using social networks to spread the information that he considers most important. It essentially uses its Facebook6 and Twitter7 accounts to spread information and to express his anger at what he sees as a media blackout. It is on Facebook that the quality of his posts is noticed by the administrator of the Indian anti-nuclear site Dianuke8. It then offers him to reissue the result of his research as a compilation. Iori Mochizuki takes this opportunity to propose the drafting of real articles to The first note of Iori Mochizuki is published on 26 July 20119. Baptized Fukushima Diary, the journal of Iori Mochizuki on Dianuke takes the form of a daily ticket, in which the author takes over and analysis the most important information of the day. The tone very critical, desperate, but also humorous of Iori Mochizuki is success. Here again, social networks amply participated in disseminating these tickets.

Fukushima Diary, Iori Mochizuki blog [edit]

Just after the publication of the first notes of Iori Mochizuki, meets serious problems. The site is offlined three times by its host, due to too heavy internet traffic. To support Dianuke and Iori Mochizuki, the articles are listed on countless sites and blogs, including the site of the foundation of Helen Caldicott10. Very quickly, a biologist and webmaster American creates a mirror site, to save all the tickets of Iori Mochizuki. In tribute to the first article of Iori Mochizuki, the site is named Fukushima Diary11. July 31, 2011, Iori Mochizuki publishes his daily tickets on fukushima – diary .com at the same time as From September 19, Iori Mochizuki is dedicated only to fukushima – diary .com. The form of publications is changing gradually. Quot tickets
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