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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fukushima Pamphlete translation to stop people evacuating circulated at schools

<Let’s stay cool to think about our reassured, safe, and stable life>

[Children's exposure and Pediatric Society]
1. The dose in thyroid of children living in highly contaminated area in Fukushima has been turned out from the result of the analysis done in the end of March. None of the children were exposed so much that they may have cancer.
2. It’s 1mSv/y in Iwakishi, but it’s 5mSv/y in Fukushimashi and Koriyamashi but the radiation level of Koriyama was not the dangerous level at all. (Note:This sentence does sound strange but it was translated as it is.)
3. The radionuclide attached to the ground (Most of it is cesium) emit beta ray and gamma ray, which is shown as the current radiation level. It is starting to be cleared that the current level of radiation won’t cause cancer.

Full article and translation....
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