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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Road trip in Canada

Re: *** Fukushima*** and other nuclear-----updates and links
nice xmas spikes.....
6:46 am monday EST aus

.47 oregan
.47 la

accumulative effect?... under-rated...

[link to]
Quoting: citizenperth

...these are just notes on spikes based on 1 min samplings...over christmas...2457km road trip

.428 uSv/hr spike in Jasper park Can. Sun.

most edmonton to calgary running .21* - .31*...378(highest)uSv/hr over 4 days travel

about the same as in june when i was there
.. most of the interior is in the .25* .35* uSv/hr very steady now..was more spotty in june

still find pockets in the .09* area mostly small valleys
consider if this was now 24/365..

multiply those numbers by 24 hrs and 365 days to get a yearly exposure level
...then do some research on Chernobyls evacuation levels see how you feel about your exposure levels..

Just got back to van will post once i get some base line readings again...
for anyone that cares

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