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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Japan : Government TEPCO “sorry irreplacable land contaminated” Fukushima Update 12/3/11

•We are deeply sorry for the loss of contaminated lands due to the accident at fukushima

•Representatives from 8 (yes 8) prefectures were in attendance (hang on I thought it was only 2 …)

•The government is determined to decontaminate regardless of cost (how do you decontaminate?.. ask the Russians)

•14 prefectures demanding compensation, TEPCO and government already payed out 3.5 billion dollars in compensation or (80%) (what about the fishing industries?)

•Caesium rice… yada, yada…

• Clip of the CBS report: Almost had a full melt down (ALMOST???.. mahahahhhah… who went in there with a measuring stick????)

•Fireman first response team talk about the fact that know one informed them about radiation or meltdowns…

•UN wants to abolish nuclear power in a new resolution by Japan: 169 countries voted for the resolution

•2013 Winter games will hold speed skating in Fukushima

•American radio report on internet news with links; stating the criminality of the incidents that are ongoing: Ron Paul gets a mention (GRIN)

Nice compilation for a heads up
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