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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Fukushima residents have "victim mentality", because they wont cooperate in the cleanup???

Doom Baby

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12/04/2011 05:54 AM

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Found this article in the early hours this morning about the ICRP visit to the Fukushima areas to stratgies clean up of the radiation (yeah right)....

This was the comment from them.... about the "Attitude of the people"

In attendance were Jacques Lochard, ICRP Committee 4 Chair, Otsura Niwa, professor emeritus at Kyoto University, and researchers from Belarus, France, and Norway. Officials from local municipalities and the prefectural medical university made the presentation on the current situation in Fukushima. An official from Date City explained the situation in the city, saying "Even when we explain how to decontaminate to the residents of the city, they have this victim mentality of "TEPCO should do it", and they don't cooperate readily."

damn right they don't.. and TEPCO SHOULD do it... self-rightious evil bastards..... i wouldn't cooperate readily either.......

damn.. what is wrong with these people.... (Again not the populous)

The official from Date City is complaining that the residents think they are the victims of the worst nuclear accident that the country has ever had, and that they are not doing what the officials like him tell them to do, which is to clean up the mess (radioactive materials spewed out of the broken reactors and spent fuel pools in Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant) themselves


Full article:
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