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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Please read the entire article linked below to see how disgusting it really is

please not the follwing words and phrases "unstoppable", "escaping people", "stop escaping medical staff", "refusing  urine or blood tests but only ultasound for children"


Unstoppable leakage of medical staff in Fukushima

Japanese government lifted evacuating area from Minami soma shi on 9/30/2011.
However,about 30,000 of 71500 people have not come back yet.
Medical staff escaped too. Hospitals are suffering from shortage of man power though they should evacuate actually.
Minamisoma city hospital is one of the major hospitals ,where is only 23 km from the Fukushima plants.
In this hospital ,doctors and nurse evacuated too.
Full time doctor ; 14 → 8
Nurse ; 136 → 100
Beds ; 230 → 100

.... full article, please read....

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