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Friday, 18 November 2011

Fukushima world wide water transport...

It's interesting that we now know that the Tsunammi, not only wrecked peoples lives, but sucked debris and tonnes of nuke waste into the ocean.
What is more interesting is that we (the populous of the world), had no idea how contaminated the flotsam and jetsum would be.
There are several emergencies attached to this problem.
Firstly, we have no real media coverage of where it is and how it is dispersing. We have the technology to know, so why aren't we informend? Kind of a moot point given the amount of information we are fed vis a vis about ANYTHING.
Secondly, I find it disturbing that we are not told about the levels of radiation amongst the debris, apart from don't touch it.. don't pick it up....
And lastly... this stuff is arriving for you the Americans, and the Oceanic community, months before earlier predictions stated. This creates even more of an internation crisis that thus far, has been poorly deliberated, discussed, reported nor dealt with....
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