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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Direct link.... breaking...

Tenant Representation Philippinessaid...
what is really happening??why are they doing that?that can be hazardous.


I'll try to summarize this video for you, later today. They don't talk about soccer at all...

Anonymous said...

Philippe here,
I'll just summarize.
No breaking news there for readers of this blog, but for europe MSM, a precise and shocking report.
(At the end: the reporter is said to be "in love with Japan", knows pretty well the country it seems.)
25 million tons burnable waste is woth a lot of money to make electricity.
Problem of ashes. The Yokohama Mayor ordered to 'landfill" without letting citizens know. Mayor team seems embarrassed.
A construction worker - " probably with ties to yakuzas - speaks like a gangster " quarels with the city; " radioactive cement (from sludge) spread all over Japan" he says.
Mother scared for her daughter. Food and washing teeth with bottled water. Complains radiation levels for adults are not fit for children.
The real-estate boss in his very luxury home is part of a citizens group who refuse this waste.
Shamed and woried about the contamination of the ocean.
Then the reporter's interview.
Children are 1rst victims.
In Fugushima physicians refuse to test children, in order not to have to give alarming results.
Authorities there do every thing they can to keep people in the place.
Many cases of acute leukemia.
Old people die of stress, suicide, in numbers X 2 from before.
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