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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

msnbc video New fire erupts at Fukushima plant

msnbc video New fire erupts at Fukushima plant.flv

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Fukushima – GE – We Bring an End to Life Fukushima – 10 Year Plan!? to “Decomission” The economics of Fukushima prove that it’s a very intentional method of mass murder. The cost could have been merely sand, boron, liquid nitrogen, concrete. Under the TEPCO plan, they plan on murdering the workers and firemen of the response brigade, the people of the area and the people of the western US if not the whole world, all of whom are going to be owed massive remuneration as the melt down is so boldly obviously murderously mishandled. If the thing had been sand bagged in the first week, those owed damages would be in the thousands. With the nuke spew continuing now months later those owed damages will likely be in the tens of thousands, in half a year it will be millions of people owed damages and in 10 years, TEPCO executives will owe the whole world of billions and that debt will continue to expand as more people are born to the TEPCO filth nuke radioactive planet. So, in my estimation, by not sand bagging the nuke disaster in the first week, TEPCO has gone from owing a few hundred million dollars in damages to the inhabitants of Earth, to owing billions of dollars and when their plan is carried out, they’ll owe not only near an eternity of misery, they’ll owe the inhabitants of Earth hundred trillions of dollars in damages. Surely the executives of TEPCO have earned swift termination. General Electric’s, GE, CEO Jeffrey Immelt claims his GE is going
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