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Friday, 9 September 2011

Fukushima and JP Government admitting to what was already suspected.

Japanese Government sites and news from sources listed below, admit to the fact that the situation is wildly out of control.

200 million Bequerels are still being rcorded 24/7

254 times 0.5 Bequerels is over the limit.,,,, do the maths.... (that is per day)

Apparently, we are so confused by the double-talking back-stepping that wecan no longer work out what is safe and what is not.

Indeed, we no longer (and for a long while now), have any idea of what truly is going on.

On a positive note, the beams can be seen from Tepco cam to be being built around Unit 1.

This by any stretch is far to late.

Further, warnings world wide are (speculatively, but timely), being given out as to Pole deaths via Asthma in the USA, Australian's being warned about strange variations of Terbuculosis, and Trans-Atlantic global warming of the oceans to be expected for enourmous fish kills.

Place this in perspective with an unprecedented amount of interesting Political attention to rather irrelevant (yet still significant) crisis, which seem to continue to over shadow our worst issue.

That is 3 China syndromes, continuing, and with no foreseeable abasement.

Scary stuff.

Finally, the JP Government now has admitted to 100 000 people missing in the local area, OR, unacounted for....
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