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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Worldwide Petition for Fukushima Children Video

Evacuate FUKUSHIMA - 福島の子供を守れ from LeChatBleuDansLaNuit on Vimeo.



moonkai said...

Hi there

My real name is Nelson. I am in Tokyo at the moment for those that already know of me .

I have made this video and created a petition to Save the Children of Fukushima. I will be know marching down to all embassies in Tokyo and take the fight to them. I plan to associate with Greenpeace, Criirad and many parent associations as well as public figures. This is for real … the fight is on!

Please watch the video but what is important is to spread it around like wild fire ! I have posted it on various sites … Vimeo is the best one for the US, in Youtube it had to be split in two and Daily motion (not recommended for US cause of adds !

It has been 10 hours and between all the sites (and counting) over 2000 people have already seen it ! Many have expressed to me via our FB group that they had no idea what was going on in Japan.

If you wish to join our FB group

Please sign and spread the petition

I have sent the video directly to Prime Minister Naoto KAN on his blog and is now probably watching as we speak !!! Hope it ruined his lunch.

Anyway, please help us !! THis is urgent.

For those that “prayed for Japan”, now it is time to “FIGHT FOR JAPAN”. No more Mr. nice guy!

Thank you !

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