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Sunday, 7 August 2011

A warning given to me several weeks ago about Fukushima from an entirely credible source.

A few weeks ago I spoke on MSN with my ex partner of 15 years.

We split around 2 years ago (no split is nice, however, on occasion we manage a curt yet civil hello here and there to keep tabs on how life is going etc....)

To provide evidence of the factuality of this statement is the following:

The person I speak of, who conveyed the related information is Dr Joyce Hendricks (Phd). Currently Post Graduate Coordintator in the Faculty of Medicine at Edith Cowan University,Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia. Dr Hendricks has just recieved the Australian Award for Univeristy Educational Excellence.

Moreover, my last position was IT Educator and Data Analysis for Northern Metro Health, Perth Western Australia, and now I reside on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Whilst tenured to this position, I worked in hand with Diedre Tame (Bns), who is the Western Australian Pandamic and Emergency response Coordinator, as a Consultant in Dynamic design for Command room software.

Both of these references are easily attainable and verified.

The following occured about 3 months ago.

I received a Facebook chat from Dr Joyce Hendricks, berating me as to why I don't talk to her on the internet..... (ex-factor.. GRIN)

She informed me earlier that she was traveling to Tokyo for an Emergency Pandamic conference in Tokyo. Nothing new at the time as she travels the world all the time, but after she had returned (post-Fukushima), I queried her about Fukushima and what was happening.

I was told [sic] that the situation was bad and that I should take my wife and puppies and hug them.

That was it. Nothing more. I guess, what else to be said.

Why have I not posted this before? Simply because I have, but as replies to Posts, and also to, not to name names, as we all know a good conspiracy? theory is checked by enthusiastic people, and I did not want unwanted notoriety and blind emails to both sources mentioned above. You can check their credentials by links above.

My qualifications from the period I worked with them were at The Morning session includes generic skills and elements relating to utilising computers ... covered. Check Intranet for details. Clinton Meskanen 9346 4474 ... [ ], but as noted are intraneted and archived.

Peace out:

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