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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Latest from Pacific Northwest on local radiation information

The scary part about being in the Pacific Northwest is that our department of health is claiming that there is no radiation problems in Western Washington, that the radiation levels are well below levels that would cause health concerns. However, it appears as though milk from dairy cows are being tainted and when it gets to the point that it is in the milk, it's in the environment as well because their food and water sources are affected. They stopped doing the full battery of testing 90 days after the Fukushima disaster and returns to their standard routine testing. It makes me wonder if it really is La Nina that is affecting our weather or if it could be related to the earthquakes in Japan and in South America this year; as well as the radiation coming over from Japan. It is cool here in Western Washington, much cooler than the averages for our region. And I have noticed some things around our area - dead grass, what looks like acid rain tinged leaves on certain plants, etc. See more... But then again, "The US is safe...." my ass. It is a huge government cover-up. And when the first series of babies are born with severe deformities like those seen in Belarus and Chernobyl, we will see what the government of Japan and the US will have to say is the cause of this. The Japanese government must step in and relocate the people in the surrounding area to safer areas, even if it means having them leave Japan. It is their moral and political obligation to their people to get this done so that there will be no orphanages/sanitariums to house the abandoned deformed children that will be the end result of this disaster. Cheers, Citz... and where's mah fries, mate? ~rhapsody
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