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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Japanese Go Home? Yoichi Shimatsu's Fukushima Truth

 Yoichi Shimatsu's Fukushima Truth


Yoichi Shimatsu

There are over 1500 tons of radioactive sludge in Japan. What this means is the radiation poison is in the people and they are passing it on when going to the bathroom. "These people are basically doomed." Yoichi Shimatsu

This poisonous waste will be toxic and lethal for millions if not billions of years.

Does China remember during SARS how Chinese were treated by the Japanese. Didn't Japan bar Chinese from entering Japan?

I wonder when China will consider protecting its' citizens and repay the kindness by not letting Japanese come to China. After all, should the Japanese be allowed to once again come to China to spread poison like their 731 units once did? Only this time, unlike the 731 poison, this new poison brought to China is going to stay forever.
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