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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fukushima – the prediction comes true.

In MARCH, I wrote an article which stated  that now only was Fukushima a level 7 incident (it was officially a level 4 at the time), but that the reactors were melting down; that it would dwarf Chernobyl and, that when the Corium in the breached reactors hit groundwater, they would begin spewing immense amounts of radiation. I was accused of making it all up – of trying to scare people for no reason – of being a paid shill for the anti-nuclear industry – even of being stupid. Slowly the truth emerged.  It WAS a level 7.  The reactors HAD melted down.  It has already dwarfed Chernobyl and will continue to do so for tens or hundreds of years. And now, almost five months after the incident, it is finally being revealed that enough radiation is escaping from vents BETWEEN the reactors, to kill anyone exposed to it in seconds. They don't quite know how much radiation is being emitted because it exceeds the capability of their instruments.  But it is equivalent to the amount of radiation the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to if they were not vaporized by the explosion.  Still don't believe it?  For a minute-by-minute of the radiation in Hawaii, go here: that reporting station on the east side of the Big Island is me.  My equipment.  The software and cables to get it online were generously purchased and provided by Jim Albertini. full article here.....

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